A downloadable Raw Run

In technology war against nature, will you, a mere log, be able to stand your tests and free your comrades?

◈  Swipe up or down and prevent your death from surfacing.

◈  The sharp blades yearn to shatter you, don't give them this pleasure.

◈  If you cut yourself, look for the nearest light source and see your leaves sprout again.

◈  As it resists this advance of machines, more survivors unlock. Save everyone, you can do it!

Install instructions

- You will need to install APK on your Android phone;
- After installing, run the game;
- Make sure the log is side by side to the play;
- Click on "play";
- Have fun!

NOTE: On some phones, the score and songs description may not appear.


RawRun v3.apk 62 MB

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